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What would you say a good read is?
Someone I know once said a good read can be described to be like sex. Yes sex! Another said a good meal, like desert, verification, an escape, a blend of everything, but wait, not just any kind oh. another may say its alot like something i can’t explain, I would presume you’ll get the picture in no distant time. You know, when the writer plays the role of your partner, the giver of pleasure, builds tension, leading
you on gently, filling your mind with a good aroma and scenes, until you the reader climax.

You could have either an ebook or hard bound book in hand, as you play the role of the receiver.
All you have to do is sit there and enjoy…
Give it a thought. The writer does all the work, getting creative just to please you. Do not roll your eyes at me, or think “chai this geh don spoil”, please read on my friend. The writer is tirelessly trying to
impress you like a partner does.

The writer attempts to hold your attention, command your curiosity,
tickle your fancy and hope you keep coming back for more. Until all you keep thinking about is a scene
from a book, a character, a phrase, the way it exploded in your mind, how you find yourself talking to a
book because of an event that did not happen as you imagined, or one that happened as you wanted.

The point you wonder, “this writer gets me”, “knows me”, “I can totally relate”. When the writing tries to make you feel what you are reading may slightly be about you or a friend, make you think that is what you would have said or done, the writer will do countless research, to keep you turned on, to make
you feel joy or any emotions you feel.

I should quickly say this, as a writer I get nervous trying to impress you. I question If I am putting in the right words. If you already know me, should I maintain the same style? Continue to use the same approach or should we explore? Maybe you would rather have the old me or you would prefer us to try new things. Words, I mean new words.

Would you want the rugged rough read or the smooth landing?
For others who are just coming across my work, I’m aware this is your first time and I promise to be gentle and not go so deep. I hope you enjoy this, because it is my job to satisfy you. I am here for your total pleasure and satisfaction.

The thing is, my success or failure depends on how intimate we get. Putting so many words into you till you ask me to stop. I make a move or two, and you tell me where else to turn. The writers job is to get as much response and reaction from you as possible. By the time we are done, you’ll find yourself
sharing this gospel, telling a friend about it, quoting it, using a movie scene as a clear description, using it as a status update, a meme, or whatever way you kids express joy these days.

However you may not agree with this thought. Heck, its fine. It is my opinion, but what would you say a good read is?

edited by my darling Balpolam Idi



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