Don’t stop on the 6th.

Gloria Gundiri
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the wait by Geenat Usaku

The need to persevere is very important, I get this kind of feeling when the year is winding down and I have not reached all the top 10 goals I set for the year. I sometimes feel the urge to give up and throw in the towel. I feel people succeed because they keep going and don’t stop, they don’t give up or let failure lead them to depression.

A growing body of research suggests that the reason a percentage of people do well and succeed in whatever they want or desire is not because of their IQ or Brilliance, nor because of their background either, but as a result of the AQ (the Adversity Quotient). It’s how they could overcome fear and failure. In Angela Duckworth’s book GRIT, she went on to explain perseverance is not just for a day or a month but for a long term, like taking care of a child with special needs or having mad love for Nigeria and hoping that tomorrow is the day everything will work out for the better ( I know it’s a reach). It’s showing up for Nigeria when it’s easier to walk away or support her from the abroad.

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This is a read of the faith to go on, there is an old story in the sixth book of the bible that I got a new perspective on when I listened to a sermon from CRAIG GROESCHEL (GC) of #LIFECHURCH. Here’s a quick summary; “God had given the children of Israel clear instructions to go round the wall of Jericho once a day for seven days. They were to wake up and keep showing up and not give up on the 6th day but go all the way to the 7th”.

Why do we give up?

First, I will say our perspective is often limited. I know the whole faith definition but won’t it be cool if you can just have a little expo to save you from all this stress?

Secondly, our progress isn’t always obvious, you know how when you plug your phone to charge you see the number in percentage that your phone has gained? Well, we don’t get it that easy in real life.

Finally, we use our words to spoil our progress.

But Joshua had ordered the people not to shout, not to say a word until he gave the order.”

‭‭Joshua‬ ‭6:10‬ ‭GNT.

They obeyed this pointless assignment for seven days, walking around the block, not seeing anything for days, no evidence of progress, going through the year and not seeing the hand of God in your life.

CG said we can handle the process as long as we see progress right?

The Israelites walked for days and they did not see any results. To worsen the situation, they were not allowed to talk, no comment section just wake up and walk and repeat. Have you seen comment sections on social media posts in recent times? It’s a slaughterhouse, where hope goes to die.

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Why do you think Joshua kept them from talking? I may be wrong, but I think it was because he knew that sometimes our tongue can be our worst enemy. Regardless of the time, people are people, I am sure someone would have suggested they stopped on the 6th day (no jokes).

Maybe this year is your 1st, 4th, or 6th year. Will you stop because you have not seen tangible results? Heck, you have come all the way from 1 to stop on the 6th? Oh common, Don`t stop!

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Yes, it is the end of the year and things did not add up as I had planned. Well, I will suggest I shut up and keep going, keep showing up. Shut up and keep praying, keep trusting. Shut up gee and keep marching. Shut up and keep respecting your mean boss. Say only blessings or keep mute.

This is God doing something in you before HE does something for you. So I encourage you (ME) to keep marching and watch this wall fall.

love Geenat.



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