Covid19 Hobbies

This is as a result of my lockdown life. I will say I was not happy not going out, or work, living as normal, going ahead with the big 2020 goals, but this is my bright side, positive side of my zero movement ways. These spread out became my newnormal, See the list below.

  1. Decided to plan a sleep patterns, day/night pattern, because it was hard for me to tell the day or time this was needed for me, a little routine I had, I start all mornings with prayers, tea, morning walks (sometimes), then have my bath, check emails, do a twitter check like my daily news paper… afternoons I make lunch sometimes something light or not, other times I try a new recipes because I have the time and evenings I make something easy to eat, I listened to podcasts, play puzzle, Scrabble or candy crush, hangout with my sister.

Started a little marketing on social media, items like Face mask, sport gear from my sister’s shop and advertised for my newly found pasty talent.

I would like to say the year is not as I planned but I am making a go at it. Trying to still make it fruitful and seems it’s coming out well. I will keep at it. Here’s to better days ahead 😊.



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