L’s are okay. (A Short Story)

  • The first time we were robbed was when we moved to the new house close to Mr. Biggs.
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It was like a dream, you know that feeling when you are like this cannot happen to me, I am too cool to be kneeling in front of these masked kids with real ammunition, how did they even get hold of these guns? What kind of community is this?

I use to think if you are a good person, good things are supposed to happen to you but this community keeps disappointing me every day with new lows, living in this community has taught me that it’s not as I think. I have to be sharp and woke, because out here someone is planning to shenk you, from your landlord to your boss, your laundry guy even your trusted barber. How can this be going through my mind in the middle of a midnight rubbery, is it some type of coping mechanism my mind is throwing at me? But they are so young, should be in Js3 or SS1, probably around the age with Mimi,

Damn Mimi. I hope she is…

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where is the money? the boy asked me pointing a rusted revolver to my face, we hear say you just come back from Jand, just go bring am now

I don’t have any mo…

I received a slap that sent my whole body to the ground effortlessly,

My body shook like a leaf. I could not understand how all the six months of gym membership just went out the window, rendering my whole masculine body useless, Like!!

Trying to hold back tears and explain to this violent lad that I am a broke citizen trying to get by, I mind my business, I do not eat out, I plan three years ahead before I moved here, I have not gotten a new outfit for close to a year, I know how to manage my cost, I dont go about robbing innocent people in their humble abode,… errr I should probably not add that last simple sentense if I am as bright as I claim. While putting words to thought one of his colleges came and whispered to him, the next thing I heard was,

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Chief no vex, we missed our way, na the next compound we supposed to enter, …

I did not know if I should laugh or cry or have a relief. I just wanted them out of my home, the rent is not even up to six months I had to now think of moving out. This experience has never left me. My mind never kept quiet about this incident’.

This L is not okay, it sends people to rehab and leaves them damaged or worse, something should be done fast about it or the community is done for.



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