New Job Alert!!!

Q- How do you move to a new office? 😢

A- Well you just show up, and go as you did at your previous 9–5 😃

Q-How do you blend in and mix with the old staff at the new office? 😞

A- look for someone you can relate with. Baby steps gee 😊

Q-How do you show you are a team player in a short time? 😟

A- just agree to all the ideas, and greet everyone even the janitors. (Nigerians like geisuwa)

Q- When do you join in for lunch or office gossiping? Or you don’t? 😔

A- For lunch eat alone and quietly unlike your previous office where you eat like siblings 😭

A- Don’t join the gossip group yet. Just de observe 🌚

Q- How much laugh is adequate if the joke is said to be “hilarious” 🌚

A- My darling laugh moderately, don’t be the first to start laughing and don’t be caught laughing last 😅 toh.

Q- When is the right time to put in your brilliant strategic ideas when you see they don’t know what they are doing? 😕 (over sabi comrade) 😏

A- My able comrade, I think you should offer your ideas quietly and with humility I think they will accept it. (Trust me) 🤓

Q-How do you complement a superior?


A- Start by saying hi, nice shoes or so.

Wait … I saw something on YouTube will send you a link 😶

Q- Do you let them know that you are a tea person early or you wait it out? ☕️🫖

A- YES!!!!!!!!

A- No, lol no.

Photo of geenatusaku

Q- What if they are teaching or training you on something you already are a sort of an expert on, do you think it will be rude to say so? 😟

Q- See, I hope this is the last question? Yes it will be rude, keep quiet and take it in. You want them to like you no?

All other questions should be sent to the Dm. You are welcome. 🥸

Please add to this to encourage a sister 💕

👏 and ❤️




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