Pain has always been with Ali, he has tried to run from it promise…

Growing up was difficult for him, but what he could do with it was to inspire himself,

It’s a stubborn motivation companion that follows one around, 1st Sammuel 9 he thought,

Puts it how it looks, how Hannah was hurt, she used it to worry God and He showed up… amazing no?

Many times people turned out bad and blame pain, then hurt people in return

But pain can be used well I think… it’s hurts, I know but it can motivates one to be better if you want to anyway.

But it’s difficult to move past it, trust me I know.

But ones you can get out of that bubble of strife, it’s gonna be a brand new day.

Alot of people also get sucked up into the darkness of pain, they refuse to recover, they let hurt move in with his krew and a monster is created.

As a young man i will say I see it as a

It’s a + — discomfort.

Pain is a pathway to progress.

If a loved one hurt you bring you how do you forget or forgive? People we care about are not perfect but you see their efforts and you notice it.

When you decide to forgive and move on, you have to know that life is not all perfect, bad days will come, healing is necessarily neede, it is gonna take a whole process but I have arrived in my mind.

Count it all joy,

Because joy will always come in the morning.

Pain That tries to push you to be better not worse. To woke your determination and enthusiasm, make you focused. It helps one to improve.

I feel sad for those that don’t feel (congenital analgesia) pain but decide to be comfortable with the old and painful.

Pain motives me.

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