You know when you are a female, and live with your elder sister that is happily marriedšŸ‘«Ā withĀ kids, inĀ aĀ NigerianĀ home, you obviously automatically somehow become the second motheršŸ¤°noĀ cap, lol

You cannot not be attached to themā€¦ you become theirĀ favoriteĀ personĀ for


By they I mean the kids please, šŸ™„Ā ā€¦ they trust you completely,

with everything,

They share their tiny school gist, church gist, what happens in the school bus, who did what to who...

they feel hungry or have a storyĀ itā€™sĀ allĀ onĀ you. šŸ˜†

If not that in Nigeria you donā€™t get paid for babysittingā€¦ because relations.

Over time you plan your lifeĀ aroundĀ themĀ sinceĀ allĀ theĀ interviewĀ youĀ haveĀ beenĀ goingĀ isĀ notĀ pullingĀ through.

When you go out you get them stuff


you try to return home on time. You hope they like who you datingšŸ˜…Ā becauseĀ their opinionĀ countsĀ o, it touches you when you hear them mention you to God in their tiny prayers... šŸ˜­ā¤ļø


You get used to them so quickly, how they want to be like you, you now have to be a better person šŸ˜©

They can get on your last nerve, ask a thousand and one questions, you only have a quiet time when they are asleep or their favorite tv show is upĀ smh.

ItsĀ aĀ rollercoaster. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜„

You letter learn that they take after you more than their parents, they wanna talk like you, be cool šŸ˜Ž like you, behave the way you do, this way you watch yourself around them.

Any promise you make you must keep it in a short distance time, because they can remember stuff šŸ™„

They are like tiny recorder taping you and replaying it afterwards... Its cray! Sigh


I learned how much i will miss them when i move out.šŸ¤§ How much they have tought me to be a person of my word, knowing that i am being watched at all times. šŸ‘€

While babysitting I learned that kids will love you if you love them, they can trust you completely, they are not like adults that carry things on their mind, they say it, as it is, they believe you when you tell them stuff, I kinda get it when Jesus said letā€™s be like the little children.

Adding babysitting on your cv should be regarded in AfricašŸ¤”. Because itā€™s a full time job,Ā . carrying for people that are difficult to handle.

I am more than just saying šŸ˜¶.



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